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To be the most trusted partner focused on space, missile, and hypersonic markets, designed to deliver enhanced capacity, supply chain solutions and engineering technology on the most critical portions of the vehicle.

A Leading Supplier Focused on the Space and Defense Sectors

Karman is the market leading suppliers of metallic and composite flight hardware and sub-assemblies for the space, missile, and hypersonic markets. Karman offers an unprecedented capability set to customers, creating a supply chain solution in a historically fragmented supply base. The Karman team draws on in-house expertise in engineering & design, precision machining, large part forming, welding, heat age, finishing, assembly, ablative & insulative composites, and other capabilities to serve as a strategic partner to customers. Karman is headquartered in greater Los Angeles and currently operates out of 10 facilities across four campuses.


The boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. The atmosphere becomes too thin to support aeronautical flight. The start of space.